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The Curious Case of Arjen Robben

Arjen Benjamin Button Robben

Like Brad Pitt in the movie Benjamin Button, I believe Arjen Robben was born an old man and is aging in reverse.  What else could explain a man just 26 years old looking like he was 50 and playing like a powerful Dutch viking.  How is it possible that Arjen Robben is one year younger than my boy G-Warts?

The first leg of the Bayern vs. Lyon  matchup ended in 1-0 victory for the Bundesliga giants.  It was chippy on the pitch and both Ribery (Bayern) and Toulalan (Lyon) were sent off with red cards.

Lyon, who have never made it to a Champions League final, must seize the day and play aggressively.  Bayern Munich will look to control the possession of the ball.  No one has a higher time of possession in the tournament than Munich except… you guessed it… Barcelona.  Here are today’s possible starters:

Lyon (4-3-3): Lloris; Reveillere, Cris, Boumsong, Cissokho; Toulalan, Kallstrom; Bastos, Pjanic, Delgado, Lopez.

Bayern Munich (4-1-3-2): Butt; Lahm, Van Buyten, Demichelis, Lell; Schweinsteiger, Altintop; Robben, Mueller, Ribery; Olic.

Sure Brad Pitt marries chicks like this, but can he shoot a rocket off his left foot?

Speaking of Spain, the CL final will take place in Madrid, Spain next month.  Arjen Robben played for Real Madrid from 2007-2009, but was pushed out to make room for the flash brothers Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka this season.  If Munich wins today, I’m sure it would be very satisfying to roll into Madrid and play for the championship for Robben.  So he’s got that going for him.  Well, that, and looking like a gorgeous, young Brad Pitt in about 20 years.

Come on down to the Yard House to watch the match.  We’ll be at the bar in our regular spot.

Futbolgirl Note:  I had a smoking hot photo of a shirtless Brad Pitt and not his wives in my first draft.  It was porn-tastic.  I thought my male readers might feel a little uncomfortable so I took the photo out.  Here it is for my girl, T. 

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